Born 1942    Like his fellow Teessider Ridley Scott, Michael was inspired as a boy by blast furnaces lighting up the night sky over Middlesbrough

1962-66  Manchester University School of Architecture. 1965-66 Student placement with Erno Goldfinger London.  1968-70 Robertson Ward Architects Barbados.  1973-77  Piano + Rogers Architects Pompidou Centre. 1979-82 Partnership with Renzo Piano + Peter Rice Paris. 1984-87 Dowd Stanton Architects London Paris.1989-1994 Designed worldwide air-shows for the French national aero-engine company SNECMA.  1990-1995  Advisor to the French Government on the ʻGrands Projetsʼ.  1990-2012 London Toronto founded Dimensions Displays Ltd. –  design and manufacture of display  products for the exhibition and museum industry.

“Any attempt to draw lessons from the unusual design career of architect Michael Dowd soon founders. Happily operating out of both London and Paris, he has blurred all sorts of national and cultural divisions, but has done it in a pleasantly idiosyncratic way….”

Profile: Design Week 1989